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Chronicles of Shamphat: Ramblings part 1


Greetings, I'm Sham.

Welcome to my blog, I'll be talking about things that make my world go round, things that make me go nuts, food, nerdy stuff & my travels. I wanted to start this blog off with a reminder to myself, if that's okay with you guys. I wanted to remind myself that I am human; I make mistakes, I mess up, I hurt people, & that's absolutely fine. You want to know why? The one concept I can count on in this life is sincerity. I believe that if one's intentions are pure, then that man can do no wrong. We always have to look after that heart of ours & make sure all the decisions that we make is for the right reasons. You mess up, you stand up and fix it. It's your mess. Ask for help if you need to. Do it alone if that's how you operate. But just do right, to yourself & those who have a right over you. A short reminder to me, from me.

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